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Lighting White Candle

3000 Candles of Hope

We are excited to announce the 3,000 Candles of Hope campaign for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic this year. This is a very ambitious goal. We can’t do this without your support. In order for us to reach 3000 students, won’t you join us?

One of the main goals of the Turkish Republic was to provide the Turkish people with access to education, to eradicate illiteracy, and to raise new generations that would be well-versed in knowledge and skill sets required by the modern age. Our mission at the Turkish Educational Foundation has been to help further that vision.


For over half a century the Turkish Educational Foundation has helped tens of thousands of students to continue their education. Your generous donations are supporting 2,260 middle school and high school students in the 2022/2023 school year. This is just one of the letters we received from our students. See here for more letters and translations.

Please take a look at our donations page to find out different levels of donations.

Newsletter December Mektup.JPG

Memleketimde Öğrencim Var

We are also excited to introduce the Memleketimde Ögrencim Var program. With this program you will be able to designate your annual contributions of $5,000 or higher to a particular region, city, or even a school. You can tell us your designation while you do your donation through here.  This is a great way to honor your roots, heritage, or family.  Just tell us 

Each contribution helps us in our mission to give every child in Turkey access to education and
help disadvantaged children stay in school.

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