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An educated population with free will and critical thinking are important elements of a well-working democracy that provides freedoms, security and peace to its members. These ideals were the main tenets of Ataturk’s vision for modern Turkey, which he founded in 1923 from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire.


TEF tenaciously upholds these principles, values and ideals.  If you also believe in them, come join us as a volunteer to help make a difference in the education of underprivileged children and improve their lives and future prospects.  We need and can use all the help you may offer in all aspects of our operations and activities, with the ultimate goal of growing financial support and scholarships to larger numbers of students in Turkey.

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"Volunteering for TEF means that I can help children-in-need in Turkey have access to a better education, which is important for me because all children deserve the opportunities that come with an education"




Children need your help now more than ever

No donation is too small for TEF, although we encourage you to be generous in your giving. Your donations are eligible for tax-deduction. You may also consider setting up an “endowment” with TEF under your name, where you will have the opportunity to direct these scholarship funds for particular purposes or institutions in compliance with mutually agreed terms of the endowment.

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We have partnered with Network For Good to accept cash donations online. Click here to help our cause.


We are registered as a non-profit with Amazon Smile program. All you need to do is select "Turkish Educational Foundation" at smile.amazon.com


Here is a short tutorial that shows how to change your charity on amazon smile: https://youtu.be/ka5O_scw2zA


Furthermore, when you go through one of the supported browser extensions (e.g.: Amazon Assistant for Chrome), you are automatically routed through the Amazon Smile page so your contribution to TEF is fully automated.




Many companies match charitable donations made by their employees. Corporate Match is a great way to maximize your contributions to Turkish Educational Foundation (TEF) - including monetary donations and volunteer hours. It’s free money for us and only takes a few minutes of your time.

You will complete a process with your company in order to qualify for the match. Each company handles corporate matching a little differently, and you can usually find information on your company’s intranet about the process to submit donations for corporate match. Here are some things you will generally need:

TEF (Turkish Educational Foundation) is the recipient organization for your match


TEF is a California 501(c)(3) Non­Profit Organization: Tax ID:  D 0595318

Donation receipt for monetary donations

TEF Address is P.O. Box 391165
Mountain View, CA 94039

If you need any additional information or forms, please contact turkisheducationalfoundation@gmail.com