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To provide scholarships to children from low-income families so they can continue their education, and

To furnish educational materials for schools in villages and disadvantaged districts of cities.

To support students on the basis of need and merit, with no religious or ethnic criteria.

The Turkish Educational Foundation (TEF) is a US-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance and educational support to needy children in Turkey. Towards this goal, TEF offers scholarship programs for middle school and high school students, with particular emphasis on the education of female students in rural areas as well as in poor districts of mega cities.

TEF was founded in 1969 in Berkeley, CA, and certified as a 501(c)(3) Public Charity in 1970. TEF has been a trusted partner of thousands of donors for over 50 years in fighting for equal opportunity in education. 
TEF is governed by a member-elected all-volunteer Board of Trustees, and run by all volunteer Officers appointed by the Board. Thanks to your generous donations, TEF supports more than 1,000 students annually from all across Turkey.

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With the inflation rates close to 100%, already existing economic disparities, hardships and unemployment became an unbearable crisis for Turkey. During this time of urgent need, the Turkish Educational Foundation (TEF) is determined to continue supporting education in Turkey.

The future will be shaped by our children, and the choices they will make. Education is critical for them to be able to make informed and wise decisions for themselves, their families, their communities, and for our fragile planet. The best investment for a better world is the education of the  future generations. TEF believes in equality in education and is committed to providing scholarships to children in need . You can be part of TEF’s efforts by contributing to kids’ education today. 100% of your donations go to scholarships.

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