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High Fives
  • Your time and expertise help keep our operational costs to a minimum.

  • You make a tangible difference in the life of TEF students from 5th grade through the end of high school .

  • You empower girls, break the cycle of poverty, and contribute to the universal human right to education.

  • You give back to the low-income communities in Turkey and contribute to the global good.

  • You establish and sustain meaningful ties between individuals in the United States of America and in the Republic of Turkey.

  • TEF is always open to volunteers of all ages who share our values and mission to join and take on leadership roles in our organization.



"Volunteering for TEF means that I can help children-in-need in Turkey have access to a better education, which is important for me because all children deserve the opportunities that come with an education"



An educated population with free will and critical thinking are important elements of a well-working democracy that provides freedoms, security and peace to its members. These ideals were the main tenets of Ataturk’s vision for modern Turkey, which he founded in 1923 from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire.


TEF tenaciously upholds these principles, values and ideals.  If you also believe in them, come join us as a volunteer to help make a difference in the education of underprivileged children and improve their lives and future prospects.  We need and can use all the help you may offer in all aspects of our operations and activities, with the ultimate goal of growing financial support and scholarships to larger numbers of students in Turkey.

You can also volunteer to be part of our TEF Youth program where students can support us with fundraising, website maintenance, newsletters, communications/social media management, and teaching English to students. 

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