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TEF dispenses its scholarship funds in collaboration and partnership with widely trusted and meticulously selected non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Turkey with long track records that are dedicated to education and betterment of the society, while tenaciously upholding and defending universally accepted contemporary values, human rights, freedoms and ideals. Our success depends on TEF donors' strong belief in the value of universal education and our decades-long partnership with 5 local organizations.

TEF scholarships go directly to selected students, mostly hand picked by the help of these NGOs and many identified and documented by need, by name, by family status, and by school.

For the most part, TEF has been able to track the students’ progress all the way through high school graduation, and even beyond.  It is particularly rewarding to observe the difference TEF scholarships have made in bettering the lives and future prospects of these students, many of whom went on to pursue higher education in universities and beyond.



CYDD (or, Association for Supporting Contemporary Life) is a non-governmental organization, working voluntarily with its competencies, aiming to protect and preserve the principles and universal ideals of Atatürk – the revered founder of modern Turkey, and to achieve contemporary societal goals via contemporary education of the disadvantaged public, and to carry Turkey above the contemporary civilization level.

The mission of CYDD is to generate solutions and public opinion for contemporary living  and contemporary education which respects  human rights, develops capacities for scientific thought and questioning at the same time protecting Atatürk principles and reforms and gains of the Turkish Republic.

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ANACEV (or, Anatolia Contemporary Education Foundation) is a non-governmental organization in Turkey devoted to betterment of the society through education of masses of all ages, with particular emphasis on pre-school and adult education. ANACEV offers student scholarships and educational assistance to needy children covering all ages ranging from primary school to university, and provides financial support for construction of schools, student dorms, and adult education houses.

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KAD (or, Women’s Research Association) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to research, educate, and fiercely defend women’s rights in the society, organize cultural, political, educational, and training activities for women, and instill public awareness and support for women’s issues in Turkey, with particular emphasis on and financial support for the education of female students.

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Gündoğdu Çağdaş Toplum Gönüllüleri Derneği (or, Gundogdu Contemporary Public Volunteers Association) focuses on all levels of education and financial support, with particular emphasis devoted to the children of needy families who were forced by economic hardships and job opportunities to move from their homes and farms in rural areas to gecekondu (shantytowns) neighborhoods of big cities, and are disadvantaged by their lack of proper education in their newly found homes. GCTGD provides scholarships to children, offers educational and cultural programs designed especially for mothers, and operates houses of learning and skills training for the underprivileged public living in these poor neighborhoods. 

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Darussafaka Cemiyeti (or, Darussafaka Society) is a highly respected charitable organization with a long and exemplary history of providing free schooling and scholarships to the gifted and needy children of deceased parents since 1863. This century old organization also operates middle and high schools for orphan children with full boarding options, and also provides scholarship funds to its qualified graduates for their higher education.

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